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Hello my name is Lyna Nalo and my age is 34 and I am Papua new guinea I am simple and honest lady and hardworking you. Likes meeting new friends, reading books, does not like drunkards and likes living in a quiet environment.can contact me on my number or email me as soon as possible. I family was in a country side an I love to live there.. I am not very tall and not very short an average person weighs 85kg and has black Kind, soft heart love able, everything is communication my dear from communication reality occurs, everything is communication my dear from communication reality occurs everything is communication my dear from I am simple, loving and carrying.I am romantic and an easy going person with great determination in life.I have great goal, ideas andwit vision but need a partner to help me out in the achievement.My height is 165cm and I dress simple I'm a teacher always love staying around student. It olny school that brought me to the city I am a Systems Engineer.. love kids and I really want to be a father my own kids or my partners kids. I love reading, listing to music, making jokes, watching movies and rugby league.

I love living simple life and enjoy the most out of life as it comes and go. Iam 168cm tall with a short black hair, brown eyes and skin color. I need someone(a female) who can give mi the best I am a 34 year old single father.But first things first, it’s important we cover the core traits women find attractive in a man. If you prefer video learning we recommend this video: (It’s the best way discover how to master attraction in a short space of time) Ok so let’s get started! Status is determined by two things – how you present yourself and how you behave around women.Although some factors (genetic makeup and wealth) are somewhat out of our control, there are many small changes you can make to appear like a man of status.The breakup rumors have gotten so loud and insistent an Alexis fan page on Tumblr addressed the questions: "We've been getting A LOT of messages about Alexis and Jay, and whether they're broken up or not.Unless one or both of them publicly confirms anything, there's no way we can know anything."Aside from the advertising for Express that got posted to both Jay's and Alexis's accounts this week, the last picture of the couple together that's on Alexis's Instagram is from 44 weeks ago. The photo is of them standing in front of a car, Jay burying his head in Alexis's hair while they both hold açai bowls.[instagram ]https:// AAon D_M/[/instagram]Jay, meanwhile, has a post featuring Alexis going back to 15 weeks ago.

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