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However, the Daily Beast noted that, while the original Marines United group was made up of active duty and veteran military, some of the more recent groups are not connected to the US military at all.Instead, they are being run by citizens of other countries aiming to profit from the images.Photos of nude women including US service members, which first emerging on a Facebook page of a group by the name of Marines United, are now being sold on the dark web, according to a Daily Beast investigation.The Daily Beast has discovered three more Facebook groups spawned from the original, adding to the handful created following the revelation of the original Marines United group last month.Two new private shared drives have also been discovered, along with groups selling Marines United t-shirts and challenge coins, with people posting links or attempting to sell the images on the dark web.

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The practice of sharing such photos goes beyond the Marine Corps and one Facebook group.While everyone else was enjoying the long weekend off, Radiohead were busy making headlines that no one reported on, so we're going to bring you up to speed.First, above, you'll see the slow-motion, feather-heavy video for "Nude," the second clip the band has shot for .Here you are safe to celebrate your true self with or without clothes.Travel to the most exotic spots mother nature has to offer with the Captains of Bare Cruising.

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