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I would be involved in a show that was something like “Run’s House.” I can’t reference T. I wouldn’t do a “For The Love of Fabolous” show, no.I would lean more to that type of show then I would do any of those other types of shows.It’s a few different things I don’t agree with the show. There’s no ownership on her side and she’s kind of like a piece of somebody else’s show and I’m not with that.I put too many years of me working in this industry for me to be a piece of somebody else’s thing. Even the Kardashian’s to me is more family branded and structured.It’s even worse when complicated grief happens as a result of circumstance, conflict, or other tricky situations like survivor guilt, added shame, or conflict with the dying person.Beth tells the very personal story of losing her closest sister and how it impacted her willingness and ability to love and what events marked her healing. He did not ask me if I had eaten or if I wanted to get some food. Strangely enough, his reasoning for being a chef boiled down to his spending a few months studying abroad in Italy back in college and learning how to cook from an Italian nonna, if you will. Sadly, in the two hours I spent with him, he did not ask me one single question about the kinds of things I liked to do, where I was from, or really anything else about me.

One of the most meaningful gifts I ever received was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, two Decembers ago. Plus a love letter written on a square of plain brown paper. He used another portion of the grocery bag to wrap the gift.

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